Start-Up Story 2013 Competition from Crowdcube, Cloudpage


Start-Up Story 2013 Competition from Crowdcube, Cloudpage

When it comes to starting a business, everybody has their own story to tell; people have reasons for branching out and many of these tales serve as inspirational anecdotes for those looking to do the same thing. Tell us your unique business story and win thousands of pounds worth of prizes!


In partnership with Crowdcube, innovative online publishing solution Cloudpage is encouraging entrepreneurs of all ages to join the story telling wagon and shout to the world about just how they started.

Whether it was a moment of epiphany when making the boss’ 4th cup of coffee of the day, or a fight in the face of adversity that got a business going, Start Up Story 2013 wants to know all about it.

All entrants get a totally blank canvas to fill out and tell their story in whichever way they see fit; creativity is key and the more dynamic the approach to putting the message across, the more chance they have of nabbing a big prize.

Contestants can spread the storyboard word via social media with all of their contacts, friends, family and fans!


The competition is a prosperous opportunity that will be judged on how interesting the submission is, as well as how well executed the blank canvas page is and the effect it has had on social media channels.

The aim of the game is to stand out from every other entrant; people should be thrilled, enthralled and carried along on the journey from start to finish, it’s not just about letting people generically read each entry, they should feel like they have been on the journey.

The format is totally up to interpretation by the entrant and anything from pictures to text and video to audio can all be intertwined to make the story really pop and grab attention, as long as the viewing time is no longer than 3 minutes.

A glittering array of prizes is on offer, including: a fee free crowdfunding deal worth up to £10k with Crowdcube, £5k worth of services from top law firm Wedlake Bell, bespoke content for the business, free office accommodation and so much more.


To find out more about the competition visit Start Up Story 2013 


Entries must be completed by 31st December and getting them in ASAP ensures the best social media backing.